MCCH's Home for the Holidays Fundraiser

Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

MCCH is quickly helping men move out of our emergency shelter into homes of their own. Many of these men are ready to move into room rentals, but every client needs their first month's rent and an air mattress to sleep on.

We need your help to raise $21,400 by December 31st to help 40 men move from our shelter into room rentals. Start your own fundraiser today with a goal of $535, which provides $500 for a room rental security deposit and $35 for an air mattress.

You can help men like Charles, who experienced homelessness last year. Charles exhausted his savings by caring for his father, who had dementia. He has a minimum wage job that left him with only $400 per month after paying child support for his two children. Given his minimal income, a room rental was the ideal solution to end his homelessness as he strives to increase his income to afford an apartment of his own.

Thanks for helping us end homelessness in Montgomery County one person at a time!